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We offer immersive natural building courses and workshops in Costa Rica and beyond. Our courses offer comprehensive lectures and hands-on demonstrations in the classroom that students put into practice during the building project completed during the course. We teach students how to envision and create beautiful spaces with the amazing abundance mother nature provides. Stay tuned for upcoming courses, tips, and resources on natural building methods as well as Permaculture design here in beautiful Costa Rica.

Pura Vida

Rodolfo Saenz

Rodolfo Saenz began his career as a craftsman, furniture maker, and builder over 30 years ago. He first learned to work with wood at the age of 17. Later he received a month period training in a variety of techniques with bamboo from a Taiwanese Master, which led him into  a passion for bamboo and the ability to do furniture design combined with hardwoods and various other materials. After a year of intense training, he began to work on his own. 

In 1990, he was offered to do a bamboo course in France which involved working with both bamboo and natural materials. Since then, "Rodo" has been doing courses in many countries in Europe and central America.


Originally trained in conventional construction, he switched gears to natural building methods and design with a concentration on bamboo, cob, and earthen plasters. Rodolfo is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge by teaching sustainable building and design and has over a dozen years of experience teaching courses. Founder of www.bambooschoolcostarica.com

Trey Abernethy

After 12 years of conventional construction in the US witnessing wasteful, toxic, and unsustainable methods, he knew there was a better way to build. While living in Florida, he began taking courses and workshops on cob, adobe, and earthen plasters. In 2013, he moved to Costa Rica and continued learning about natural building, permaculture, community, and holistic living.


After completing his Permaculture Design Course shortly after arriving in Costa Rica he attended a week-long course on building with bamboo, cob, adobe, and plasters with Rodolfo Saenz. 


Soon thereafter he joined the build crew for the Envision festival, learning from a range of experts on bamboo design and building. Trey continues to work on large-scale bamboo design and builds at Envision festival each year.


In 2015, he attended a 2-week earthen building course at Rancho Mastatal, focusing on cob, clay and lime plasters, natural pigments and paints, and tadelakt, an amazing waterproof limestone plaster technique from Morocco.


After participating in and leading many natural building projects in Costa Rica, Trey is confident in his skill sets for teaching and empowering others to build with local and sustainable materials, in harmony with nature.

Founder of Natural Building CR, Bambu Mundo & Morpho Design.

Joshua Daniels

Joshua Daniel is a structure builder, climber, rigger, wilderness enthusiast, reiki master, philosopher, and leader. He has a proven record of creating inspiring spaces, specializing in bamboo construction & design; and tree house installation since 2013. He has been a lead structural builder with Envision festival for 7 seasons, apprenticed with Bamboo DNA for 1 1/2 years; and served as a lead installer, fabricator, rigger and/or foreman for O2 Treehouse for 17 projects.Joshua founded the Treehousery Project in 2018 and has instructed courses on tree-house building, bamboo construction, tree climbing and reiki. Motivated by sustainable building practices, he aspires to evolve current paradigms to lessen the environmental toll by technique & practice. Keeping integrity with the core tenements of his business philosophy: pursuing passion projects, and cultivating friendly relationships with clients and colleagues; are paramount, and involving the clients and communities in the building process where possible. His style is one of deep planning, skewer modeling, conventional rigging, and orchestrating the crew into a multitenticulated installation creature brimming with passion and morale. He is conscious of the energy that spaces generate as it moves attention and awareness. He is moved by the process of creation of these spaces and the level of intimacy between those who collaborate in its creation and enjoyment. Joshua is excited to share his knowledge and level of expertise with apprentices in various places on their journey building bamboo structures. He is also motivated to refine his craft with continued learning from his colleagues, crew, co-creators and environments.

Josh Geiger

Owner of “resonant gardens” permaculture design business that focuses on installations and irrigation. Currently, Josh, is also the founder of Yeshua Carpentry and Natural Building in Nevada City, CA, He is an independent

Contractor, Designer and very skilled Builder/Project Organizer. He likes to work with locally milled lumber, post and beam, straw-bale, cob, lime and clay plasters. All surrounded by sacred geometry design built to California Code. He also consults on Mycology and permaculture, design and implementation. He is teaches workshops, seminars, and other sustainable living events on Practical Technologies of Phi Fractal Physics, Natural Building, Mycology, Environmental Restoration, Permaculture, and Food Forestry.

Josh has a PDC from 3 month permaculture intensive with Asheville institute along with 8 years study of Phi Fractal Physics with world famous eléctrical engineer, Dan Winter. His work experience consists of over 6 years in construction of which the last 2 were his own independent business “yeshua sol carpentry and natural building” focused on natural building and fine carpentry incorporating golden mean dimensions.


Some of his major achievements are being an independent builder while bringing 4 shining children into world with his wife. Also acting as sole income supporter to his stay at home wife and homeschool children. 

He has managed to do multiple natural building projects and maintain pristine reputation.

Henry Glenn

Loved by students and staff alike, Henry Glenn brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Natural Building Costa Rica as a specialist in
construction and bamboo treatment. Henry has a proprietary bamboo treatment method and solution that is practically zero-waste and currently the most effective treatment method in the industry. We are honored to have Henry as a part of the Natural Building Costa Rica team.

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